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This is where we spend our winters. Managing Five Oaks Duck Lodge!

Five Oaks Duck Lodge

The only company Five Oaks Wildlife Services trust to improve wildlife habitat when heavy equipment is necessary.

Brush Clearing Services, LLC.

There is only one waterfowl hunting equipment outfitter in the business in our mind at Five Oaks Wildlife Services. We use Mack’s for all our hunting equipment needs when managing Five Oaks Duck Lodge each hunting season. Visit Mack’s for all your hunting needs.

Mack’s Prairie Wings

Five Oaks Wildlife Services is a sponsor of RNT-V. We have a close relationship with the RNT crew and we feel RNT is the best in the business when it comes to duck calls.

RNT Calls

Close friend, Chuck Sykes, shares the passion of educating the public on wildlife and waterfowl management. Visit this site to learn more about his great show on habitat management.

The Management Advantage

If you are looking for financial assistance in developing your land NRCS is the place to go. Farm bill programs that help landowners develop wildlife and wetland habitat are available.

USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service

Visit these two sites to map and learn more about the soil on your property.

Web Soil Information

This site houses the most comprehensive publications available to private landowners to understand more about waterfowl habitat requirements.

Waterfowl Management Handbook