“Over the eight years we have produced The Management Advantage, I have spoken with some of the best minds in the land management arena. As far as waterfowl management goes, Jody is the best. The work that he and all the staff at Five Oaks are doing for their clients is impressive to say the least. Not only do they know the science behind their management practices, more importantly they have the practical experience to get the job done. The two shows we produced on Green tree reservoir management produced tremendous response from our viewers. I can assure you that will not be the last time you see the guys from Five Oaks talking about waterfowl management on our show! “

Chuck Sykes
Wildife Biologist
The Management Advantage Wetumpka, Alabama

“As duck hunters we should all strive to learn all that we can about the needs of waterfowl throughout the year for a couple of reasons.
One of those would be that the more we know about “when ,why and what” the more successful we can be as hunters, but more importantly, the better we can educate ourselves and those that come behind us on the needs of migratory waterfowl, their habits and habitats along with the other wildlife within those ecosystems, the better equipped we will be to allow future generations of hunters to enjoy a bounty of wildlife and wild places along with helping to ensure the hunting tradition set forth by those before us”.

This like mindedness is one of the many reasons we enjoy our partnership with Mr. George Dunklin, Jody Pagan and the complete 5 Oaks Wildlife Services team of professional wildlife managers.”

Jim Ronquest
Producer RNT-V

“The club realized that we were in a predicament where we needed outside help, therefore we contacted Jody Pagan and Five Oaks Wildlife services located in Stuttgart Arkansas, which may turn out to be one of the smartest things we have ever done.

Five Oaks provided us with a strict plan to follow that should alleviate most of our problems if we follow Jody’s instruction. Jody has also taught us how to “farm” for wildlife. He has educated us on how to supplement food sources for the wildlife.

It has been a pleasure to work with Jody and Five Oaks as they have been nothing but an asset to our club. When Jody commits to a project, that is what he is – fully committed, and his goal is to see the fruits of the labor. “

J. Scott Stepp

“I’ve been working with Jody Pagan for over ten years developing my waterfowl property on the L’Anguille River. In 2007, my wife and I receive a national wetlands award from USFWS, FSA, and Ducks Unlimited, Inc. which I accredited much of the effort to Mr. Pagan. He and I have become close friends while creating one of the top waterfowl properties in the nation. If you are developing waterfowl habitat there is only one company to chose! Five Oaks Wildlife Services!”

Scott House
Bearitage Farms
Cherry Valley, Arkansas