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Sunday, May 4th, 2008

In October of 2005, George H. Dunklin Jr. and Jody Pagan had a vision to start a company that would provide the best possible science based technical assistance in waterfowl and wetland management to private landowners. The goal was to educate landowners and disprove management myths.  For example, flooding green tree reservoirs in October is not detrimental to the red oak trees.

They have developed several products to improve management on your property, such as Golden Millet waterfowl forage, a tree nursery where they grow containerized bottomland hardwood species for restoration.  They also have a full line of water control structures to regulate water levels in waterfowl impoundments.

Remember there are no magic bullets in waterfowl management but there are certain practices you can implement to improve habitat quality. You can’t control the weather, nor can you control the hatch, but you can control your habitat quality.